New Bridges Built at Ship Creek

The Alaska Sport Fishing Association has replaced an old bridge it installed on the Ship Creek mudflats several years ago with a new, longer and sturdier bridge Saturday and a new bridge was installed on the east side below the old loading dock, just in time for this year's King salmon run.  The original bridge was installed because crossing the gully when the mud was wet and exceptionally slick was difficult and muddy for children, the handicapped, the elderly and everyone else!

The first photo is the old bridge, rapidly sinking into the abyss.  Second photo is the construction phase of the replacement bridge (old bridge is in the background) with ASFA volunteers Art Jones, Chuck Goentzel, Bob Goentzel, Martin Meigs (not shown) and a State Trooper who stopped by while checking fishing licenses.  The other photos are of the gully below the old loading dock before and after installation of the bridge on the east side.

The Ship Creek salmon fishery is on land owned by the Alaska Railroad and neither the City Parks Department or the City maintain the area so for the last 7 years the Alaska Sport Fishing Association has operated its "Ship Creek Cleanup & Enhancement Project where a dozen or so trash cans have been placed in strategic spots along the creek and serviced by volunteers of that Organization and the occasional fisherman who notices a full can and replaces the trash bag with an empty one.

These ASFA initiatives have made a tremendous difference in quality of this very popular fishing hole.

New Ship Creek Bridges  (1)Old Ship Creek Bridge (2)New Ship Creek Bridges  (3)New Ship Creek Bridges  (4)New Ship Creek Bridges  (6)ASFA Trash receptacleThe Kings are arriving a bit early this year so get out and enjoy the fishing!  Be sure you have a current fishing license and King Stamp, both available at the Bait Shack by the Bridge Restaurant - the troopers are lurking!

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