The Alaska Sport Fishing Association (ASFA)

was incorporated in 2012 as a 501(c)(3) by members of the Alaska Sportfishing Association (ASA) for the purpose of expanding the fund raising options available and therefore the level of service the Association could deliver to the public. ASA was first established in 1979 as a statewide organization. It was formed to protect, advocate for and promote sport fishing opportunities for the sport fisherman. It's most significant accomplishments are outlined in the HISTORY section (coming soon) of this website.Today we are a public service organization working for the sport and personal use/subsistence fisherman to help guide stewardship of the resource as well as in public education, conservation, fisheries quality enhancement and related matters.
We have monthly meetings where we discuss fisheries related concerns and ideas to implement the goals and objectives of the Alaska Sport Fishing Association. These meetings also serve to bring fishermen together to share their mutual interest in fishing.

In Alaska we are surrounded by lakes, rivers and the
ocean.  The fishery ranges from clams and trout to
squid and halibut.  Our famous salmon fishery brings
people from all around the world to Alaska.  Residents
of Alaska are fortunate enough to have it in our own
back yard.

The sport fishery belongs to the people and with
education and conservation we can use and protect it
for many  generations.

Our programs, classes and seminars teach people
good fishing ethics and angling techniques to improve
their fishing experience.

The Alaska Sport Fishing Association is here to keep
sport fishermen educated and united.

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